illy collection 2000 espresso Mimmo Paladino - Minimalia.

Illy collection espresso
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  • Original gift box.
  • Original brochure.  
  • 6 illy espresso cups and saucers.
  • Signed and numbered.

Mimmo Paladino is one of the great Italian contemporary artists whose artistic world is complex and full, with works displayed in the major museums across the world.

This is thanks to the variety of techniques he uses: painting, sculpture, collage, mosaic, photography, fresco and ceramics. It is also thanks to his themes, which draw on an ancestral, magical reserve, from the tradition of Italian art and from the contemporary world.

Paladino distils this wealth in the six cups of his illy collection, which all have different messages and styles and all hover between abstraction and figuration.

An artist who is monumental in his own way—take a look at the size of his works—has left simple, nearly rarefied marks on the small curved surface of the cups: an unbroken golden line sketches beans, leaves and arrows in a coffee plantation; the passing of the millennium is entrusted to a little blue hand; Italian genius is a light kite; tributes to coffee and to James Joyce are two writings on the china surfaces; geometry basks in red warmth.

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