illy Art Collection 2021 Mona Hatoumi espresso

Illy art collection
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  • Original gift box
  • Original brochure
  • 6 illy espresso cups & saucers
  • Signed and numbered

illy Art Collection 2021  Mona Hatoumi espresso by Mona Hatoumi

illy Art Collection 2021  Mona Hatoumi espresso by Mona Hatoumi

illy Art Collection Kefiahfishing nets and olive leavesThe new is an amalgamation of shapes and colours that resemble the typical motif of the , a traditional Arabian headdress, decorated with . A structural reinterpretation that conveys a profound story about work, sacrifice and interpersonal relationships.
Mona Hatoum: in between desire and fascination

Born in Beirut to a Palestinian family, Mona Hatoum settled in London in 1975, following the outbreak of civil war in Lebanon. She began her career in the mid-1980s with a series of performances and videos before moving her focus to installations and sculptures in the early 1990s. She loves to involve the viewer by awakening conflicting emotions of desire and repulsion, fear and fascination.

Name collection : Mona Hatoumi
Name artist: : Mona Hatoumi
Introduction year: : 2021
Manufacturer: :
Type: : Espresso
Coppies: : ?
Inscription: : illy art collection
Signed & numbered: : Yes
Special edition: : No
Other editions: : ?
Note: :