Illy art collection 2011 francesco clemente espresso

Illy art collection espresso
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  • Original gift box.
  • Original brochure.
  • 6 illy espresso cups and saucers.
  • Signed and numbered.

Official release September  2011

This unique collection was designed by Francesco Clemente, one of Italy’s most renowned contemporary artists. Applying his trademark use of color and explosions of energy, Clemente’s design is bold and beautiful. The result creates a visual impact that intrigues and inspires. Limited edition collectibles, individually signed and numbered. Available as a set of 6 espresso or cappuccino cups and saucers. Order while supplies last.

Artist Francesco Clemente will reveal his take on the espresso cup as part of the illy Art Collection. His contribution will be added to a new installation that showcases illy coffee cups interpreted by some of the greatest artists and most influential contributors to film and music of our generation, including Anish Kapoor, Jeff Koons, Robert Rauschenberg, David Byrne and Pedro Almodóvar.

Francesco Clemente’s oeuvre spans four decades and has achieved international acclaim. Throughout the 1970s he exhibited works that reflected his interest in the contemplative traditions of India, where he lived for several years. In 1981 Clemente moved to New York with his wife, Alba, and their four children. Through the 1990s to today, his paintings, drawings, prints and illustrated books have been featured in shows at numerous international venues and museums.

Name collection : Francesco Clemente
Name artist: : Francesco Clemente
Introduction year: : 2011
Manufacturer: :
Type: : Espresso
Coppies: : ?
Inscription: : illy art collection
Signed & numbered: : Yes
Special edition: : No
Other editions: : Ily art collection Cappuccino cups.
  Illy bar cups espresso cups.
  Illy bar cups cappuccino cups.
Note: :