Illy art collection 1994 Trazzine Coccinella - SAUCER

Illy Caffe art collection
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  • illy art collection 1994 -
  • New never used.
  • 1 illy collection - SAUCER
  • Disigner: Luca Trazzi

A fish, a croccodile, turtles, red-hot devils and ladybugs are the subjects rendered by Venetian architect LuceTrazzi. This collection's its bold colors and lively cartoon subjects are perfect for brightening a serious day.

Illy messahe

The coffee break inspires the Veneto architect with cheerful thoughts and playful images. His Trazzine cups display monsters and animals circling round on a background of blue sea or dark night: a goldfish, two crocodiles chasing each other, a turtle on an exotic beach, a modern lucifer amongst post modern cogs and weels, a blazing dragon setting the saucer on fire and two ladybirds balanced on a white twig. White, yelow, red and green: a few childhood colors and the round cartoon shapas to win a smile from you.

Name collection: : Trazzine
Name artist: : Luca Trazzi
Introduction year: : 1994
Manufacturer: : IPA
Type: : Espresso
Coppies: : ?
Inscription: : illy collection
Signed & numbered: : Yes
Special edition: : NO
Other editions: : illy collection - Signed an numbered. Without inscription
: Amici collection - Signed an numbered.
Note: : For the first time a series has also plates decorated with six different works. The "amici collection" with the words inside "amici collection" signed and numbered. Drawings that have the same as the illy collection but the background color of the cups is white instead of blue.